Edit a Business Listing

Login to our website using your username and password that was provided when you claimed your business listing. If you do not remember your login or password, click on the “forgot your password?” link shown in the screenshot below.


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Once you login, you will be taken to your Dashboard where you can edit your personal profile along with your business listing on our website. Click on the “Edit” button under your Business Listing in the BLUE area below.

User Profile – The area outlined in RED below, is your user profile settings. This is where you edit your personal profile on our website including your username and password. This is NOT the area you update your business listing.

Business Listing – The area outline in BLUE below, is your business listing information. This is the area where you can edit or upgrade your business listing.


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Once you click on the Edit button from the screenshot above, your listing will load and you will be able to update the content. To edit any of the content in your listing, click in the area you wish to edit and change the content. When you have finished your edits, click Update.


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